Home School Evaluation Testimonial

Mrs. Weis has done our annual homeschool evaluations for the past 8 years.  She is very competent as an educator; easy and reliable to work with. Her pleasant and friendly personality creates a warm, comfortable interaction with students and parents alike. Our children look forward to meeting with Mrs. Weis each year to share and discuss their school portfolios with her.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mrs. Weis for any of your educational needs!

Nicole, home schooling mom

Homeschool Evaluations

Weis Educational Services is the one stop shop for all your home education evaluation needs.  

Certified in Florida
Evaluations for EVERY Grade K-12
Evaluations for EVERY Florida county
Professional and Hassle-Free

All homeschool parents are required to compile a portfolio for each of their homeschooled students, AND keep it for two years. Why not use it for a simple annual portfolio evaluation?

Weis Educational Services specializes in homeschool education consultation, annual portfolio evaluations, CYBER PORTFOLIO EVALUATIONS, and annual standardized testing. Please see our services for further information and pricing.

 Annual portfolio evaluations are the easiest way to comply with the mandatory Florida laws for home educated students. Evaluations completed by Sunshine Homeschool Evaluations are professional and hassle-free with three convenient options.

Option 1: Cyber Evaluations: Parents will email work samples and submit payment using PayPal. The evaluator reviews the portfolio and schedules a short conversation with the parent and student by phone. After the conversation, the evaluator signs, scans, and emails the evaluation letter to the parent. Portfolios and evaluation letters may also be sent by USPS upon request.  This option is available to families who live outside of Manatee and Sarasota counties. 

Cyber Portfolio Evaluations are $25 for each child.

Option 2: In-person Evaluations: Parent, student, and evaluator meet to review the portfolio together. We will discuss growth, future goals and ideas. Then I will sign the evaluation letter for the county.

The Annual Portfolio Evaluation done in person is $35 for the 1st student & $25 for each additional child at the same location on the same day. This option is only available in Manatee, Sarasota, Hardee, and Charlotte Counties.  I offer a group rate of $25 per student (minimum 5 students) to come to your park or co-op day. Please use the contact form for scheduling.

Option 3: Annual Standardized Testing: Some parents choose the annual evaluation method of standardized testing. I administer Stanford Assessment. Please keep in mind that assessments must be ordered, shipped, administered, and returned to the publishing company for scoring. It is recommended that if you wish to use standardize testing as your method of yearly evaluation that you contact me at least two months before your annual evaluation due date. We will also need to arrange for a quiet, dedicated space to work.  Parents pay an hourly fee for assessment time as well as the cost of the testing materials. Siblings may be tested at the same time for a slight share fee.  Testing materials cost approximately $30 a test.  Testing will take six to eight hours over two to three days depending on the sub tests you wish the child to take.  The hourly assessment fee is $25 for the first student and an additional $10 for each additional student.  This option is available to families living in Manatee, Sarasota, Hardee, and Charlotte counties.

Please see the FAQ and Resources pages for more information, sample forms, etc.