Science workshops


Each science workshop is geared either towards pre-k through 5th graders or 6th -8th graders.  These workshops can be used to supplement any school curriculum or provide additional learning activities for any child who loves science.  This is a great option for schools to offer a STEM activity as a part of the school day or as an afterschool club.  Birthday party and homeschool group options are available also.  Most workshops last 1 hour. They are sometimes messy, but always lots of fun!  Please use the contact us form to get started on an awesome science workshop.
Examples of workshop topics:

Owl Pellets                                                      Things that go Boom

Dry Ice                                                            Balloon Science

Earth Worm Dissection                                   Frog Dissection

Terrariums                                                       Candy Science

The cost for a science workshop is $10 per student plus supplies (under $5).

Science Workshop Testimonial


​Calvary Chapel School - Science Day - May 26th  

​God's Word and Science.  June 9th. 9-10am. Calvary Chapel. K-2nd grade. $10

​Art and Science.  July 21st.  9-10am.  Calvary Chapel.  3rd - 5th grade.  $10

​Earthworms.  July 28th.  9-10am.  Calvary Chapel.  6th-8th grade.  $10

Science day is so much fun, I love science day! We get to build things, and learn about science.  And the egg drop is my favorite part!

​Elijah, age 8